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No immediate changes to CRTC’s wholesale wireless framework

Wholesale resellers will still not be able to operate in Canada by roaming on incumbent networks, but CRTC may revisit the decision in one year's time.

Hashtag Trending – Alexa in Canada, unlocked smartphones, Bitcoin on Wall Street

Amazon Echo ships to Canada. Free unlocked smartphones for all! And Bitcoin is now available on a government-backed exchange.

Canadian telecom sector competitive in world market, IoT will help it be more efficient: new report

Most Canadians believe the country’s telecommunication (telecom) industry is uncompetitively expensive and compares poorly to those in other regions, but that’s not entirely accurate, according to a new report by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI).

Cap could help Telus edge out Rogers and Bell in 2500 MHz spectrum auction

Smaller carriers also stand a better chance of grabbing some of the spectrum which can be used for high-bandwidth activities such as video streaming.

Videotron acquires largest data centre in Quebec City

The 4Degrees Colocation data centre has a total capacity of 2,000 cabinets and the equivalent of 85,000 servers

Wind Mobile snaps up new spectrum licences

Rogers Communications did not secure any new licence in the AWS-3 spectrum auction

Wireless charging gets a boost

The Alliance for Wireless Power and Power Matters Alliance plan to establish an organization that will accelerate the deployment of wireless charging technology.

Quebecor waiting for government regulation of roaming prices

Roaming rates are holding back Quebecor from making a play for position of fourth national wireless carrier

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