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Yahoo offering ‘deceptive’ ads

Yahoo's Direct Media Exchange gives publishers the option to run graphical ads designed to look like error or genuine Windows dialogue boxes

Nigeria should focus on local content provision, experts say

With tens of millions of wireless subscribers and TV viewers, the country's citizens should be developing music and programing rather than importing it says the head of the broadcasting commission

Microsoft to add privacy features to IE8

The latest Web browser does not store cookies, passwords or search queries when you close the browser. Find out about InPrivate Blocking

Book aids users with Vista move

With Microsoft

Ho, ho, no!

For the love of St. Nicholas, do not let anyone hang holiday decorations willy-nilly about the workplace lest you render the office Wi-Fi net as discombobulated as Santa's sleigh without Rudolph.

Spamta worm spreads like wild fire

Over 200 major incidents have been detected by PandaLabs in a two-hour span due to the mass-mailing of spam messages carrying files infected with the Spamta worm.

US Government cybersecurity gets an F

As director of research at the SANS Institute, Alan Paller has a unique window from which to view the U.S. government's efforts to secure its vast computer networks.

New Web browser Opera 9 launched

Opera Software ASA released the first public beta of Opera 9 on Thursday, giving users the go ahead to put its new Web browser through its paces.

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