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Canadian security expert applauds new White House initiative

David Shipley, co-founder and CEO of Fredericton, N.B.-based Beauceron Security, today described a new strategy announced this week by the Biden administration as something...

Ex-CIOs want their colleagues to rethink their approach to customers

Former chief information officers in health care, financial services and the public sector discuss IT priorities at Dreamforce 2014

Obama budget halts IT growth, cuts data centers

President Barack Obama's 2011 budget proposal, released Monday, flattens federal IT spending and orders federal departments to consolidate and centralize IT operations. The White House wants broad adoption of cloud computing, social platforms in US$80 billion plan.

Obama again close to naming cybersecurity chief

The Obama Administration is once again reported to be close to naming a White House cybersecurity coordinator. But after five months of delay is this just another rumor?

Obama may tap ex-Clinton aide as security chief

Frank Kramer, an assistant defense secretary under President Bill Clinton, is a front runner for the post of White House cybersecurity boss. Why he may be a surprise choice for industry insidersrn

White House faces free speech law suit

Conservative organizations claim the Obama administration's call for people to e-mail the White House regarding health-care misinformation is an attack on privacy and free speech

Is Obama’s BlackBerry a security threat?

If the national security apparatus is worried about not being able to secure the president's BlackBerry, the answer is to find ways to improve security, not deprive the president of a useful communication tool

Slow gains being made in cyber security, say Feds

Washington politicians are frequently denounced for moving too slowly to respond to emerging problems, and while the adage has proven true regarding the federal sector's response to cyber security thus far, the U.S. government is making slow progress in addressing the issue, experts maintain.

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