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How editing a URL allowed crooks to access Experian credit reports

Identity thieves discussed the trick on a Telegram text messaging channel, says a security researcher

AWS announces a no-code mobile and web app builder

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a no-code mobile and web app development tool Amazon Honeycode. A fully managed service, Amazon Honeycode is a visual...

Four things to watch for when building both web and mobile apps in One Go

Mastering UI for both desktop and mobile is both necessary, yet carries different demands. Here's how you can accomplish both.

Alberta Motor Association Boosts Business Agility While Fulfilling Corporate Security Requirements with F5 Using AWS

When the organization’s web team ran into some problems building out a series of virtual environments, MacKinnon called a meeting to discuss the challenges. “The web...

10 awesome Drupal add-ons

These free modules help take the complexity out of Drupal and make it easier for the developers to create and manage Web sites

Rails 3.0 release candidate unexpectedly delayed

Originally promised for June 8, the Web framework RC may now appear June 11; Rails founder lays out plans for version 3.1

Rails 3.0 beta features merger with Merb framework

Ideas from the Merb framework have been incorporated into the popular Web framework, resulting in speed and performance improvements

Should MySQL users stay or go?

Some say the Oracle-Sun Microsystems deal will be the ruin of MySQL, while others say it could be a boost for the open-source database. Find out what SQL provider stands to benefit should MySQL users jump ship

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