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Users desert Windows XP in near-record numbers

Microsoft's Windows XP shed a large amount of usage share again last month as users continued to desert the decade-old operating system for Windows 7

Windows 7 breaks 20 per cent share barrier

But XP is still projected to account for 13 per cent when it's retired in 2014. Windows Vista, meanwhile, fell by half a point to 12.1 per cent, its lowest share since July 2008

Calif. woman sues Microsoft over XP — again

The case is a rerun of a lawsuit tossed by a U.S. federal judge in 2009. The plaintiff has asked a California judge to grant the case class-action status

Windows 7 early adoption beats Vista’s 2-to-1

Five months after release, Microsoft's newest OS owns twice the share of Vista at the same point, according to Look deeper inside the numbers

YEAR IN REVIEW: October 2009

Government agencies were in the spotlight in October, and not for the right reasons, with discontent over CRTC decisions and a scathing report on the lack of ROI at eHealth Ontario. And Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) long-awaited successor to Vista finally hit the shelves

PC makers, stores see $$$ in Windows 7 hype

PC manufacturers and electronic stores in Canada and the U.S. believe new graphics and enhanced user interface features offered by Windows 7 will help them move more machines

Your Steve Ballmer questions answered!

The Microsoft CEO launches Windows 7, Windows Server R2 and Exchange 2010 at a packed audience of IT professionals in Toronto. Hear what he has to say about Vista loyalists, its mobile missteps and continuous product improvement

Windows 7 for business: What

With the shipment date of Microsoft

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