Articles Related to virtual servers

Is VMware’s 50 % discount offer a real deal?

VMware guarantees 50 per cent discount on server hardware on new projects, provided the customer hires VMware's Professional Services business unit and follows a prescribed set of best practices

Citrix upgrades XenDesktop, Branch Repeater

HDX is designed to compress data streams between servers and end points. Find out about the adaptive orchestration feature

Are virtual servers more or less secure

As virtual machines move from testing and development roles into production, security becomes ever more important.

Product hits

Samsung prepping 4GB flash drive for Windows Vista Samsung Electronics has developed a flash memory-based drive that will help users take advantage of features...

Product hits

Oracle picks up speed with transportation app Oracle has unveiled a transportation application for its E-Business Suite 11i that uses technology acquired when it...

IBM serves up Unix booster

In the midst of continued competition in the server sector, IBM Corp. recently announced a strategy in which Linux and Unix factor heavily into the mix.

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