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Hashtag Trending August 9 – Netflix games remain unpopular; video game industry suffers post-pandemic; eBay’s new refurbished program

Netflix’s games aren’t very popular, video game industry slides post pandemic, and eBay’s new refurbished program causes headaches for resellers. That’s all the tech news...

Hashtag Trending July 29 – Metaverse profit; videogames harmless in moderation; Microsoft earnings report

Meta loses money in the metaverse, video games do not harm mental health, and Microsoft releases its earnings report. That's all the tech news that’s...

What turns gamers into buyers? PayPal study seeks answers

A PayPal study examines demographics of gamers, where they are getting their games, and when they're spending money.

Hashtag Trending – Why airborne Wi-Fi isn’t free; New Zealand gov’t teaching entrepreneurship with video games; Russians have hacked U.S. utilities

The Wall Street Journal explains why you have to pay for Wi-Fi on your flight. The New Zealand government invests $150,000 into a video game that teaches players how to be an entrepreneur. And the Department of Homeland Security warns that Russian hackers have reached the control rooms of U.S. utility companies.

Hashtag Trending: Aug. 9, 2017 – Google’s diversity spat; VR in the browser

Google’s internal policies are publicly criticized, Firefox introduces virtual reality capabilities, and video games are officially bad for your health.

How video has evolved in the past five years

Video has evolved in the past five years and has expanded in various directions that were unheard of even a few years ago. Here are those directions

Want a job? Bring your game!

Cutting-edge organizations are putting testing material into game-like simulations that require candidates to demonstrate necessary skills and address job-specific problems

Immersive Internet technology is no video game

Virtual world technology in a business context is more about learning, training and collaborating. Why something that is considered experimental today will hit mainstream in just four years, an analyst says

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