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IT reorgs: Be sure of your reasons

Too often, reorgs are announced merely because they seem to demonstrate activity, suggest change or give the appearance of progress

Brainpower for free

Universities, nongovernmental organizations and charities must frequently address difficult problems with limited resources. How "games for change" could help

The Fortune 500’s disappearing CIOs

Several Fortune 500 companies are eliminating their corporate CIO positions. They plan to move IT into the business units, on the theory that an IT staff that isn't distracted by corporate initiatives can provide better support

Want a job? Bring your game!

Cutting-edge organizations are putting testing material into game-like simulations that require candidates to demonstrate necessary skills and address job-specific problems

Will social media come to your rescue?

OPINION: Social media tools are beginning to support serious endeavors, including crisis response efforts by FEMA, the DHS, and police and fire departments. What these possibilities mean for your businessrn

Opinion: Pulling the plug on a project

Few organizations want to admit that a large project is failing. But some projects will never meet their deadlines or deliver the expected benefits. When the possibility of success is gone, these projects often must be euthanized for the health of the corporation.

How to be an energy miser

Companies spend as much as 10 percent of their total IT budgets on power and cooling, according to Gartner Inc. Here are some ways IT organizations can reduce energy costs

Ten energy savers

Many companies are moving the responsibility for energy costs out of corporate budgets and into IT. But IT budgets are finite, and energy costs are on the rise. Reduce your energy costs so you won't have to reduce your head count.

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