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Addintools UI simulates Office

Office 2003 UI automatically deployable across the enterprise

Competitors struggling to catch up with iPhone

Since Apple announced it would soon start selling a combined music player and mobile device called the iPhone, industry experts have predicted that competing cell phone makers would rise to the challenge and start producing equally exciting phones. They may yet do that, but so far they haven't.

Creator of Macintosh computer dies at 61

Jef Raskin, the lead designer of the first Macintosh computer and a pioneer in the development of user interfaces, died Saturday at age 61. He had been diagnosed recently with pancreatic cancer, his family said in a statement. Raskin joined Apple Computer Inc. in 1978 as employee number 31 and headed the company's Macintosh development team from its founding in 1982. He named the project after his favorite type of apple, changing the spelling for copyright reasons.

SCO fuels Web services play with acquisition

The SCO Group Inc. has found time amid its litigation efforts to make an acquisition, snapping up software startup Vultus Inc. in a move to bolster its ambitions in the Web services arena.

Real-time collaboration with a twist

Start-up Advanced Reality last month introduced software that plugs into corporate applications and provides real-time collaboration without the need to alter existing user interfaces.

Glitches make MonitorIT a poor value

Enterprises can benefit from large-scale network management software tying its far-flung elements together. But there's still room...

Smaller and smarter is coming

Imagine a hand-held device that functions as a unified messaging platform, always connected to the network via...

The future will be smaller and smarter

Imagine a single hand-held device that could function as a unified messaging platform, always connected to the network from anywhere in the world via a series of intelligent wireless nodes. It could be as small as a watch or piece of jewellery and have sophisticated speech recognition for all controls.

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