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Twitter Tips: Share videos on Twitter with Tweetube

Tweetube lets you record, upload, and tweet a link to a 25-second or shorter video clip recorded via your Mac's iSight or other attached Web cam

6 steps to Internet privacy on Google

Worried that Google might be snooping on you? There's no need to drop Google apps. Instead, bone up on your privacy rights and take advantage of privacy controls that Google offers

Tool helps manage bulk file-transfers

Aspera is shipping a software consoles automate the distrubituion of files between multiple locations. It lets administrators view bandwidth usage, progress of transfers and transfer speeds.

YouTube inks NHL deal to dodge lawsuits

Google's YouTube signed a contract with the National Hockey League (NHL) to offer game highlights, the latest deal struck by the video sharing sensation as it attempts to stamp out pirated clips from its site and avoid copyright lawsuits.

MTV to launch video over broadband service

MTV Networks will be unveiling a new broadband service that appears part MTV, part YouTube and part MySpace. Built around a Web site called Flux, the service will be targeted at young people who are increasingly tuning out television and tuning into online video and chat.

TV breaks out of the tube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about video? If we're talking online, it's worth a great deal more than words, or images, or even audio for that matter.

Online backup services come of age

It's a dangerous world -- always has been, always will be. Backing up your dearest data to a secure, encrypted server in a remote location is the ultimate insurance against the sinking feeling that accompanies losing something irreplaceable.

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