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SCO says IBM mischaracterized lawsuit

The SCO Group Inc. last week submitted written arguments explaining why a Utah judge should not issue a summary judgment dismissing its multibillion-dollar lawsuit against IBM Corp.

BayStar admits Microsoft set up SCO venture

BayStar Capital Inc. confirmed on Thursday it invested in SCO at the suggestion of Microsoft Corp.

SCO sues Novell for slander of title over Unix

The SCO Group Inc. has filed a slander lawsuit against Novell Inc., saying the company has engaged in bad faith efforts to deny SCO's rights to Unix and UnixWare.

Novell offers indemnification to SuSE customers

On the same day it completed its US$210 million acquisition of SuSE Linux AG, Novell Inc. also announced on Tuesday a plan to support enterprise Linux customers with a new Linux indemnification program.

SCO to pay lawyers millions for more legal power

Unix developer The SCO Group Inc. said Tuesday that it is extending an agreement with its lawyers to defend itself against new copyright issues in a move that will take a multimillion dollar bite out of its fourth-quarter 2003 financial results to go toward paying legal fees.

CDXPO : SCO CEO: Novell-SuSE breaks SCO contract

Novell Inc.'s US$210 million planned acquisition of SuSE Linux AG will put it in violation of a non-compete agreement the networking vendor has with The SCO Group Inc., and could possibly lead to legal action, SCO CEO Darl McBride said Monday in an interview.


Experts were quick to take issue with the University of Calgary Department of Computer Science's decision last...

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