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#ITWCChats Twitter Recap: Digital Transformation

As technology plays an increasingly large role in our lives, organizations across the globe are trying to keep up with the changes by digitally transforming their business.

Digital transformation – #ITWCchats Twitter chat

Digital transformation has become imperative for businesses, both large and small, to succeed in an increasingly digitized world.

#ITWCchats Twitter recap – The worst job you’ve ever had

If I asked you what the worst job you’ve ever had was, it probably wouldn’t take you long to come up with an answer,...

#ITWCchats Twitter Recap: Will state-sanctioned hacks make encryption irrelevant?

The recent Twitter chat was an engaging discussion around the future of data and privacy

Recap: #ITWCchats – Breached: Preventing and mitigating data leaks

Updated 6:02 pm E.S.T. We hosted yet another lively and informative discussion on one of the hottest trending topics: corporate data breaches. Our guest...

Twitter chat recap #ITWCjobs: IT career progression in Canada

In case you missed this Twitter chat, read on for the recap

#ITWCIOT: An ITWC Twitter chat on the Internet of Things

Set aside an hour on July 30 for our online chat on M2M technologies

#EncryptITWC – An IT World Twitter chat

Updated by Candice So Apr. 24, 2014 at 4:05pm ET: We ran a Twitter chat on encryption under the @itworldca Twitter account. Read...

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