As technology plays an increasingly large role in our lives, organizations across the globe are trying to keep up with the changes by digitally transforming their business. From moving into the cloud, to implementing new security measures and safeguards, or even something as simple as creating a website or introducing online payment options, adopting digital technologies hasn’t become just a “cool” thing to do, it’s become necessary for a company to survive.

We discussed the topic of digital transformation during this month’s Twitter chat, and the conversations were nothing short of impressive. Between personal anecdotes and how dangerously easy technology has made ordering pizza, there were lots of useful tips and advice from our panel of seven guest experts – plus the many more that jumped in along the way.

Take a look at some of the highlights below:

Here are the questions we discussed at the chat and some of our best responses:

Q1. How have you experienced digital transformation in your own life?

Q2. In your opinion, what has been the most disruptive technology so far (whether in your own personal life, business life, etc)?

Q3. What is the key to successful digital transformation?

Q4. To what extent are we in the fourth industrial revolution? How big of a role does digital transformation play in that?

Q5. How can companies succeed at digitally transforming their business? What advice can you offer them?

Q6. What would you say to a legacy company that believes going digital is a waste of time, money and resources?

Q7. For those that have yet to make the digital leap, is it too late? Why or why not?

Q8. What are some of the negative consequences of digitization and how can we alleviate those as best we can?

Q9. Technology will likely continue advancing at a rapid pace. Can keep up with all the changes, or is that unreasonable?

Q10. We’ve seen the mobile-first mentality of the last few years evolve into an AI-focus recently. What’s the next big tech trend?


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