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JavaScript has gone bad, beating out macros as top choice for spreading malware and ransomware

Office files with nasty macros remain a pesky vector for threat actors, having become popular a couple of years ago, JavaScript has taken over in the past two months in terms of message volume

Hackers returning to Visual Basic downloaders: Sophos

In recent months, the third most prevalent document-based infection came from Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) downloaders

Fake security tools still big threat, worms on the rise

A new edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report reveals the biggest threats to Canadians among worms, trojans, and rogue security software. A Toronto security expert says rogue security tools prey on fear and training

Bogus installs expose U.K. users to malware

Statistics from security firm Webroot suggest attackers are leaning on the idea of passing off or packaging malicious functions with what appear to be legitimate programs

Rising malware pave way for security ‘white-list’

Symantec and IBM each released its own Internet security report this week. What each document say about the state of IT security.

Trojan disables MS Anti-spyware

A soft spot on the underbelly of Microsoft Corp.

F-Secure Corp.

In hindsight, 2004 may be looked back upon as the year that a long tradition of hobbyist hackers and flashy, but harmless, viruses gave way to shadowy, professional online crime syndicates.

Experts downplay Phatbot danger

Security experts downplayed the danger of a Trojan horse program named Phatbot that uses peer to peer (P-to-P) technology to create a network of infected zombies for carrying out attacks or spreading malicious code.

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