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Big cat swims: Intel details Tiger Lake and SuperFin transistors

New transistor, new architecture, new processor. Intel dives on 10nm.

Intel 10nm Ice Lake 10th-Gen mobile processors feature overview

At its Blueprint event held in Santa Clara campus earlier this month, Intel detailed the key features of its 10th generation mobile processor platform. Ice...

IBM lets polymers assemble nanoscale structures

IBM Corp. has come up with a method of letting molecules assemble themselves inside chip structures to form nanoscale structures that add redundancy and performance improvements to chips, the company said.

Chips: Upholding Moore’s Law

What's .03 microns long and can be turned on and off 10 billion times a second? It's a new transistor that has the potential to keep Moore's Law on the books for at least several more years.

Intel Promises 10GHz chips with tiny transistors

Intel Corp. announced on Monday what it calls the world's smallest and fastest transistor, promising microprocessors running at 10GHz.

History Lesson

It goes by many names, among them electron valve, thermionic valve, triode, glassfet and, the best, firebottle....

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