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Microsoft to release Vista SP2 beta this week

Even as it prepares for the alpha release of Windows 7, Microsoft is set to ship a second service pack for the outgoing Vista

Development culture and SOA

If distributed computing, abstraction, loose coupling and service-orientation are foreign concepts to an organization, it should seek help from a consulting firm with a solid SOA track record. But that doesn't mean the consultants should run the show

Five Things CIOs Should Know About Software Requirements

Software requirements documentation was supposed to itemize everything that the application required. But the project was late, the users were unhappy, and the budget spun out of control. Why? Just ask the developers

Microsoft tests Windows Live in Vista

Microsoft Corp. has begun showing how it will integrate its Windows Live online services into Windows Vista in recent test builds of the operating system, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

Who goes there?

As the trojans found to their peril, when it comes to security you

Vista promises end-users that secure feeling

There should be some empathy for those IT vendors tasked with developing products that aim to protect and manage the infrastructures upon which businesses are built and livelihoods depend.

Fair is fair

When it comes to security Microsoft Corp. is a laughingstock, challenges a columnist.

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