Articles Related to Technology innovation

Technology changes that come with the release of the Apple M1 chip

When Apple announced its third hardware event, no one was prepared for the bundle of surprises in the package. The biggest news was about the smallest piece of tech, the M1 chip: a custom-made silicon chip that now powers the newest MacBooks and Mac desktops.

An open letter to Canada’s next Prime Minister

During election campaigns we often hear about infrastructure investment and job creation plans from government. But a focus on electronic infrastructure and creating better economic efficiencies through an e-invoicing initiative also deserves attention.

Start innovation from the user

The businesses that thrive are those who have mastered the ability to identify a need and fulfill it

The Last Gadget Standing winners are true innovators

A summary of the 2015 Last Gadget Standing winners and selected finalists that all exhibited innovation, engineering talent and a rabid focus on the ultimate in ease-of-use

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