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RED Academy seeks to plug rising tech skills gap

Marrying real-world experience with training is recipe for success, says founder.

IT Votes 2008: Visit our election blog and poll

IT World Canada offers the technology sector a chance to have your say about the role of ICT in the future economy -- and the Canadian politicians who "get" technology (or not). Vote with your mouse

GreenPrint founder focuses on wasted paper

Hayden Hamilton has created software the can analyze every page of every document sent to a printer looking for unnecessary characteristics -- like that last page with just a URL, banner ad, logo or legal jargon -- eliminate them

US commerce secretary chides China for delaying 3G wireless network

U.S. Department of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez criticized China on Tuesday for delaying the creation of a 3G (third generation) wireless network in that country, saying it is thwarting global technology innovation by not embracing standards

Provincial budget boosts BC tech

The British Columbia Technology Industries Association (BC TIA), this week, congratulated the province of for delivering a budget that reflects their solid commitment to the continued growth and prosperity of B.C.'s technology industry.

Content and tech industries debate digital copy protection

Mix the thundering clash of two huge U.S. industries with the threat of government intervention and the potential for consumer rights violations, and what do you get? The debate over digital copy protection that is playing out in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and, most recently, Washington, D.C.

Industry bids adieu to Tobin

Industry Minister Brian Tobin

Technology to watch in 2002

As a tumultuous year for the technology industry

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