We’re approaching a watershed federal election, weighty with social and economic issues. Looked at through the lens of the technology industry, what are the critical issues? What do politicians need to know about the industry to help it thrive? And which party or leader really “gets” technology.

That’s what we at IT World Canada want to explore in our newest blog, Election Canada – IT Counts 2008. We’ll be talking to leading industry voices and politicians to see where the gaps in understanding are, and where the candidates are promoting policies that dovetail with the industry’s needs.

Your voice can be among them. Comment on the blog posting, or send an e-mail to election@itworldcanada.com if you need more space to state your case. And, of course, vote with your mouse in our online poll: Which party’s platform best reflects the role of the information and communications technology industry in the 21st Century economy.

Your input will help shape a manifesto of sorts to guide political action, not just during the election, but also going forward.

After the election, we’ll continue the blog as forum for discussing the role of ICT in the future economy. Let your voice be heard.