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Firm boasts cheapest SAN for Macs

2Degrees Frost claims to have made the cheapest storage area network (SAN) in the world available for Mac OS X users.

Managing buildings by remote control

For Edmonton-based property management firm The Canapen Group, managing a building has become remotely convenient. By deploying Symantec Corp.'s pcAnywhere remote access system, The Canapen Group can take control of all its properties from anywhere the remote access terminal is set up, according to Randy Redekopp, The Canapen Group's manager of information systems.

Microsoft releases March security updates

Microsoft Corp. continued its policy of releasing monthly security updates with three new software patches on Tuesday, including fixes for the MSN Messenger instant messaging program, Windows Media Services and the Outlook e-mail client.


Managing TCP/IP Networks: Techniques, Tools and SecurityBy Gilbert Held

Master of his own domain

Vint Cerf has a 13-page CV that can be boiled down to one essential accomplishment: he helped invent the Internet. That was three decades ago, and he has been tinkering with his baby ever since for such diverse employers as telco MCI WorldCom Inc. and the Internet Society.

Open source and free data

According to Charles Goldfarb, the difference between data processing and document processing is an artificial distinction that...

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