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Parliament to start working on anti-malware law next month

Action on Ottawa's long-awaited legislation is expected to begin shortly by the Industry committee. A group representing ISPs, a Liberal critic and a lawyer for Bell Canada suggest only small changes are needed, indicating it could be law by the end of the year.

100 Gigabit Ethernet: Bridge to Terabit Ethernet

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is set to define standards for Ethernet at 40 Gigabits per second and 100 Gig. Task force chairman John D

Storage trade group gets green makeover

SNIA has suddenly sprouted green leaves with a task force, working party, and tutorial all directed to making products more environmentally friendly

Spotlight on Anil Arora, Statistics Canada, Part 1

Spotlight on Anil Arora, director general of the census program at Statistics Canada. In conversation with senior writer Lisa Williams, Arora explains how good project management practices prop up the national census, what was behind the controversy surrounding the outsourcing deal with Lockheed Martin, and how StatsCan mobilized a powerhouse task force to address urgent questions on procurement.

Making haste slowly

The arguments for a consistent, coordinated approach to IT security are irrefutable. Our society, and the world in which we live, have become increasingly if not irreversibly dependent on uninterrupted computer systems and computer-mediated communication. Not only is information technology in itself critical infrastructure, it is the horizontal foundation for the other critical infrastructure upon which we depend, from law enforcement and first response to medical care, from antiterrorism to road, rail and air transport.

Ontario urged to beef up project expertise

A task force headed by former federal Auditor General Denis Desautels has some advice for the Ontario government on how to better manage large IT projects. If followed, these directives could have a significant impact on how IT service providers do business with the province.


The government of Ontario next month will take control of a controversial 3-year-old welfare payment system that critics say is still underperforming and failing to deliver a return on investment. The Social Delivery Model Technology (SDMT) system was custom-written by Accenture Ltd. to modernize and improve business processes at the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services (CSS).

The unnatural selection process for CIOs

If you aspire to the CIO role, it's time to get real about career development. Most people assume that when the time is right, they will have a good shot at getting the top IT job in their company. Sorry to say, but odds are that it's not going to happen.

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