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Be better than you really are

Like every leadership job, the CIO role is big

It’s never too late for time management

Leadership jobs should come with a warning label: "Beware of meaningless tasks masquerading as fundamental job duties."

The unnatural selection process for CIOs

If you aspire to the CIO role, it's time to get real about career development. Most people assume that when the time is right, they will have a good shot at getting the top IT job in their company. Sorry to say, but odds are that it's not going to happen.

Managing IT demand 101

Call them what you want

Charm school for CIOs

The first part of the year is a natural time for implementing organizational changes, and so a lot of CIOs are transitioning now to new positions. The challenges revolve around how to make a good first impression and set the course for the future.

Reader Q&A

Susan H. Cramm answers questions on "Charm School for CIOs."

Project courage

Another failed project--stumbling over (or short of) the finish line, millions over budget, with the survivors gasping for breath as they try to make sense of the past two or three years of their lives.

The M.I.A. CIO

You are in a funk. Your work has turned into a grind, your calendar is out of control, and issues are growing into problems. The focus and energy that you once had are dissipating.

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