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Adventures in data recovery

Russian hackers hold a casino site hostage, a Venezuelan town mistakes disk drives for organ transfers and a Toronto hospital needs ER for RAID array. Three adventure tales from CBL Data Recovery. WITH VIDEO

Taking care of tape

While it has taken a back seat to disk and Web-based solutions in recent years, an older storage technology mysteriously remains a reliable medium that won

Ottawa fire ignites desire for better backup systems

Some good can emerge, even from a catastrophe. The blaze at two Iron Mountain data facilities

Firms want DR systems to be driven by business needs

Companies today are clamouring for business-driven disaster recovery (DR) systems that allow them to run key applications in the shortest time possible.


When the B.C. government auctioned off data storage tapes that contained details of the medical status of thousands of people

Data thefts prompting IT security checks

Bank of America Corp.

SSHA ramps up security for backup storage

Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) has it all taped out. The Ontario Government agency has taken steps to guarantee the security of its backup tape systems that hold sensitive health information. Each day this information criss-crosses the SSHA technology infrastructure that links more than 80 per cent of Ontario

Turning survival into revival

A Vancouver brokerage firm gets to focus on customer service by outsourcing application security; a U.S. bank lowers costs by changing the way it handles data. Both offer insights that could help your workplace get ahead with business continuity.

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