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HP opens storage product floodgates

Hewlett-Packard opened its StorageWorks conference in Las Vegas with the company's largest release of new storage products and services in its history. Ann Livermore, executive vice president for the technology sales group, said the new storage products and services are responding to three major shifts in the information technology industry.

Sun aims to lower cost of retaining data

"Organizations are finding more and more ways to take data and use it as a competitive advantage,"...

Storage on the edge

Every company uses networked-shared storage, whether it's implemented as a ring of trusty old file servers or as a speedy, expensive SAN (storage area network). As workloads increase

Demand for tape drives being driven by SAN adoption

IF you ask any long- or short-distance runner about a race, chances are their objective is rather transparent: finishing first.

Data recovery vendor seeks new horizons

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. of Toronto, a leading provider of emergency computer data recovery services, is...

Increased demand for tape drives driven by SAN adoption

If you ask any long or short distance runner about a race, chances are their objective is rather transparent

Storage a growing concern

The industry is moving from server-based storage solutions to a topology in which data actually resides on...

Veritas scales down NetBackup for smaller companies

Veritas Software Corp. has extended its NetBackup storage software line to small- and medium-sized businesses with NetBackup...

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