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Open cybersecurity framework may be a boon for SIEMs, data analysts

Framework backed by leading companies like AWS, Splunk, IBM, CloudFlare, Paolo Alto Netwokrs and others creates a data interchange forma

Researchers flag fourth piece of malware seen in SolarWinds hack and detail how Microsoft 365 got exploited

Symantec says the most recently discovered malware was used in a limited number of cases to move laterally and deploy payloads on other computers.

The 12 biggest tech acquisitions of all time

Mergers and acquisitions are frequent letdowns for all parties involved. Stuff can look great on paper, but when it comes to actual execution, things...

More than 90% of security decision-makers fail to keep tabs on workloads in the cloud

Executives' desire to not miss out on a competitive advantage is leading to security professionals losing track of workloads on the cloud, according to...

Manufacturing spending billions on IoT, but still can’t patch Windows or remember passwords

The manufacturing industry is spending billions of dollars on IoT, but it continues to do a terrible job of securing those connected devices.

Beware of rise of formjacking, says Symantec

Criminals are increasingly finding ways to inject code into ecommerce sites to steal credit card and other personal data. This and other findings come from Symantec's annual review

New VMware Canada head Sean Forkan wants to double business

The new head of VMware Canada has new ideas about how to grow the virtualization firm's business in the country.

The 5 Keys to Choosing the Right Cloud Security Gateway Provider in 2017

As 2017 approaches, companies realize that the migration of workloads and data to the cloud is no longer a question; it’s an inevitability. While...

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