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Mandriva portable Linux operating system doubles capacity

Opensource technology vendor releases the latest version of its portable operating system. It

The 25 worst tech products of all time

From AOL and RealPlayer to IE 6 and Microsoft Bob, these products have managed to make our lives more difficult, challenging and just plain annoying.

Measuring time well spent not easy to do in IT

While the software development profession still tries to sort out its identity as either a science or an art, many practitioners know that when it comes to time reporting, it is more like an assembly line job. A fixed number of hours a day (same number every day), must be fed into the timesheet.

Deloitte Top 10 list deflates wireless marketing hype

Deloitte Top 10 list deflates wireless marketing hypenThe concept of location-based marketing on wireless devices will not live up to the hype that has recently surrounded it, according to Deloitte Consulting.


In this world of high-tech, suddenly finding yourself disconnected can be quite jarring

Software maker warns of billions lost due to Net use

The Internet, this grand master of information once ushered into businesses as an invaluable workplace tool, is now being judged as something slightly more sinister: a costly employee time-waster.

Unwired at home

"I have nothing at home, nothing!" trumpeted Jordan Worth. "I'm on the Internet and e-mail all day...

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