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Microsoft Now Has One of World’s Fastest Supercomputers

Voyager-EUS2, a Microsoft Azure supercomputer, has made it onto the list of the world's 10 fastest machines.

Intel plans light pulse technology for supercomputers

Light pulse technology will be part of Intel's Knights Landing supercomputer chip

HP says it has “breakthrough” vision of future computing

Discover 2014: The next-generation of servers could have memory pools the size of exabytes. But is it science fiction?

Data still safer with encryption: Experts

American intelligence operatives may be colluding with technology companies and using backdoors and brute force attacks to crack encryption technologies, but encryption is still...

Amazon hails era of ‘utility supercomputing’

High performance computing on-demand will revolutionise scientific research, claims AWS

Supercomputers with 100 million cores by 2018

The push is on to build exascale systems that can solve the planet's biggest problems

Nvidia releases $10,000 ‘personal supercomputer’

New systems runs at processing speeds of four teraflops, or four trillion floating point operations per second but cost 100 times cheaper that grid computers

IBM supercomputer to ‘dramatically improve’ weather forecasting

A powerful new IBM supercomputer will soon be put to use at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, where it is expected to dramatically bolster the group's ability to model and predict climate changes, improve weather forecasting and predict the spread of wildfires.

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