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Java’s rivals: Conflicts and alliances in the Oracle era

Oracle may be Java's new proprietor, but SpringSource, Apache, and Eclipse are driving the development agenda too

James Gosling praises Oracle

The father of Java may have quit Oracle but he still does praise improvements Oracle has made to JavaFX and the NetBeans IDE

Oracle’s EM 11g key to ‘full-stack’ strategy

The newest version of the IT management platform was unveiled Thursday with emphasis on the how this will drive Oracle

Gosling vows not to give up on Java

Java pioneer James Gosling is feeling 'pretty burned out and trashed' since leaving Oracle, but he won't give up on Java. What he thinks of Oracle's acquisition methodology

MySQL exec said to expect GPL, improvements

Oracle also eyes Windows focus and LAMP stack accommodations, but will be more tight-lipped about products, said a vice-president of the MySQL community in Munich

Java developers OK with Oracle

Java developers voice what they think about Oracle taking over Sun

Oracle chief architect to reveal MySQL roadmap

Edward Screven will deliver a keynote at the O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo Tuesday to give users fresh information about Oracle


Peter Galanis takes over the reins from long-time leader Paul Tsaparis

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