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Enterprises will be a battleground for tablets in 2016; two-in-ones will gain traction

Microsoft and its partners have finally got tablets right, according to one research firm, while Apple has strengthened its position with enterprise and prosumer users

From a distance there is surgery

Now surgery from a distance may become a more pervasive reality thanks to a touch-simulation toolkit created by a Canadian software firm.

Less is more – Ultra-mobile Vista-based PC carries steep price tag

Sony has launched the first Vista-based ultra-mobile PC which it hopes will appeal to business users looking for mini laptops. The bad news is the wallet-crunching

Converged device showdown: Treo 650 vs. PocketPC 6700

Converged devices are becoming a must-have for the businessperson on the go. IT World Canada recently tested two of the newer devices on the Canadian market, the PocketPC 6700 from UTStarcom and the Treo 650 from Palm.

Jornada 545/548 handheld

Slim Jornada is a lower-priced choice

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