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Six tips to end SQL Injection attacks

Make sure your Web site isn't vulnerable by adopting these best practices

SQL injection attacks can be stopped, says security expert

A cache of 1.2 billion paired usernames and passwords assembled by the exploit could have been prevented by proper coding

Hacker steals e-mail addresses, demands Astley tune

The Dutch hacker Darkc0ke was able to hack into the database of Dutch radio station 3FM and steal 22,000 e-mail addresses using a SQL injection attack. He threatened to publish the addresses unless the station played Rick Astley

Heartland and TJX hacker pleads guilty in third case

Albert Gonzalez, who was charged with using SQL injection attacks to steal credit card information, will be sentenced to at least 17 years in prison. Attacks on merchant credit card processing services resulted in losses in the millions

One in five Web attacks aimed at Facebook, other social nets

Online attacks have increased by 30 per cent since last year and SQL injection is still the most popular form of attack, according to security firm Nebulas Solutions Group...

Obama campaign hopes for better Web security

Two months after their Web site was hacked, the organizers of Barack Obama's presidential campaign are looking for a network security expert to help lock down their Web site. "Obama for America is looking for a network security expert who wants to play a key role in a historic political campaign," reads the ad, posted to the Web site.n

Researchers expose RFID security holes

University researchers in Amsterdam have discovered a way to plant a virus on radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, potentially infecting enterprise back-end software systems and spreading from one RFID tag to another.

BLACK HAT: Google now a hacker’s tool

Somewhere out on the Internet, an Electric Bong may be in danger. The threat: a well-crafted Google query that could allow a hacker to use Google's massive database as a resource for intrusion.

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