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Amazon, Apple, Google least transparent: Study

Three are biggest publicly-traded tech companies that are lax in reporting on anticorruption programs and other financial results, says Transparency International

Samsung tablets not ‘cool’ enough to hurt iPad: Judge

The good news is Samsung won a rare court battle against Apple. The bad news is a judge called their products 'not as cool.'

CERN finds particle resembling Higgs boson

More data needs to be analyzed to be certain about the characteristics of the new particle

ICANN keeps control over IANA Internet root

American company to continue overseeing the management of IP adresses and top-level domains

EU favours consumer choice over net neutrality

Vice-president proposes obliging European ISPs give consumers clear information on what they can do at the Internet speeds they are buying and on data limits

Keep up with SAP patches, researcher urges

One security firm says 95 per cent of the SAP implementations it tested were vulnerable. Why it's the customer, not SAP, that's not being security-conscious

Dutch Senate passes net neutrality law

Law will prevent Internet providers from throttling services except to prevent congestion, and only if all similar traffic is treated equally

Microsoft moves Euro distribution over sue-risk

The company is moving the center from Germany to the Netherlands

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