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We need good code, cryptographer says

BLACK HAT EUROPE Cryptography pioneer Whitfield Diffie says better code is safer. It's also too expensive

EU restricts export of eavesdropping technology

The Parliament is targeting products used to violate human rights or restrict freedom of speech. Until now the export of products that had both civilian and military applications was not subjected to any EU authorization system

Twitter buys social analytics firm Julpan

The social media powerhouse snaps up the company founded by the creator of Google's Orion algorithm

HP board reportedly eyes Whitman for CEO job

The planned change in leadership of the troubled company was reported by All Things D and others, citing anonymous sources. The appointment of Whitman "is by no means a done deal", according to All Things D

European data concerns cloud outlook for US vendors

European governments consider excluding U.S. bids due to concerns over the Patriot Act

BBC tackles big data dilemma with smart IT structuring

The BBC's Web site is among the 50 most-visited in the world, making it a challenge to serve traffic yet keep costs low

European Parliament push for fast mobile Internet

The E.U. Council approved a plan that will force European countries to clear the 800MHz spectrum for use of mobile broadband by 2013

Hacker steals e-mail addresses, demands Astley tune

The Dutch hacker Darkc0ke was able to hack into the database of Dutch radio station 3FM and steal 22,000 e-mail addresses using a SQL injection attack. He threatened to publish the addresses unless the station played Rick Astley

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