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Crafting an SOA policy

Even though certain products have "policy management" in their names, getting your infrastructure set for SOA policy should start not by evaluating products, but rather by understanding the major functions required for effective policy management and how they work together

Computer makers agree on full-disk encryption specs

Protection for data at rest gets a boost as the world's top computer makers release final specifications for full-disk encryption across all drives. Read how this development could mean total computer lock-down

Carriers look toward open mobile future

Executives warned that the open future has its own pitfalls, emphasizing that some controls are still needed and a mobile world that's like the PC business may not be for everyone

IT project pros offer advice to troubled TTC

A municipal Auditor General's report reveals major scope creep, soaring expenses and poor use of third-party help on the country's largest transit system. Some seasoned execs suggest there's a better way

Verizon to announce specs for open network

The carrier plans to offer a 'network-only' service later this year, leaving the phone and the applications up to the user

IEEE group settles on faster Ethernet plans

A technical group working on the next generation of Ethernet has agreed to disagree and will now work on a single standard that covers both 40Gbps (bit-per-second) and 100Gbps speeds.

IBM sees Power processor as its next Linux

IBM Corp. hopes to do for its Power processor what it helped do for Linux: create a bigger market in which lots of vendors can play, and earn more money for IBM in the process. At an event in Barcelona last week it announced that 11 new members have joined, a consortium set up in December for organizations developing Power-based chips, systems, software and tools.

TelstraClear wants a bigger piece of DSL cake

Unhappy with what it terms as games by Telecom New Zealand Ltd. that undermine competition, rival telco TelstraClear yesterday announced that it has lodged two applications with the Commerce Commission for regulated access to Telecom services.

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