Articles Related to solid-state drives

OCZ improves performance of SQL Server accelerator card

Now supports SQL Server 2014, it can take advantage of database's new features

Intel’s SSDs get smaller

Intel aims for the tablet market dominance with a new line of diminutive solid state drives

Top 5 internal solid-state drives

IT WORLD CANADA CURATED A rundown of some of the best SSDs for desktop and laptop computers

SSD could replace hard disk drives, Hitachi CTO says

The speeds of spinning disks keeps increasing, but they're not keeping up with servers. Solid state disks are very expensive now, but if their costs drop enough they could replace hard drives

MySpace dumps server hard disks for flash drives

MySpace's new SSD servers use about 1 per cent the power of its hard disk drive predecessors

Intel releases solid-state flash for servers and storage

Intel's fastest SSD, the X-25E, will potentially accelerate enterprise adoption of flash technology

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