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Could software quality assurance processes have prevented the Boeing 737 MAX crash?

Computer software, we're told, now owns the world. Virtually everything contains it, from cars to toasters. And, as we all know only too well,...

European governments back open source

Millions of pounds of public funding have been put into two projects designed to promote open source in the U.K. and across Europe.


If you thought you could take software quality for granted, think again. According to one expert, the software industry has a history of launching products before they are fully debugged. As a general practice, software companies release a product once it reaches 80 per cent functionality, said independent analyst Warren Shiau.


If you thought the quality of the software you

Why software quality stinks

Software still stinks. The Cutter Consortium, an Arlington, Mass.-based IT consulting and advisory service, recently surveyed more than 150 software development organizations across several industries and found that 38 percent of developers said their companies do not have an adequate software quality assurance program.

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