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Piracy impedes growth of Philippine software firms

Industry figures estimate the rate of PC software piracy in the Philippines last year was down slightly compared to 2006. However, industry loses to piracy rose substantially.

EU competition chief advocates open standards

Europe's competition commissioner has cautioned Microsoft in its efforts to get recently-approved status for its Office Open XML format. There's already another open document standard, and some feel adding another will split scarce IT resources


While global losses caused by software piracy increased by 15 per cent, in China the overall piracy rate has dropped significantly, according to a recent survey

IBM likely to back China’s Red Flag Linux

The next Linux distribution that IBM Corp. throws its weight behind is likely to be China's Red Flag Linux, suggesting that for businesses elsewhere in the world the Linux market will remain a two-horse race for the time being.

Microsoft offers new small business resources

Microsoft Corp. Monday will begin an eight-country rollout of a new set of online resources and technical support for its small-business customers, a company executive said Friday. The new offering, called Small Business Plus, is part of the company's ongoing effort to provide better access to software, support and services for this customer segment, said Doug Leland, general manager for small business in Microsoft's Worldwide Small and Midsize Solutions and Partner Group.

Looking to the law to aid software users

Should software product makers be held liable for the poor security these products might have? It

Microsoft, HP collaborate in software start-up fund

Microsoft Canada Co. and Hewlett Packard (Canada) Co. will team up to oversee an investment fund designed to give nascent Canadian software firms a boost.

Nine German cities poised to adopt Linux

Nine German cities in the state of Rheinland Pfalz are in advanced talks to replace many, if not all, of their Microsoft Corp. software products with open-source alternatives, particularly the Linux operating system.

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