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To reveal or not to reveal software bugs

Maybe there are a few companies out there that will make their software bug lists public, but will this ever become the norm? Probably not today, probably not tomorrow and probably never.

France bets on open source for economic growth

The French government plans to make the region around Paris a centre of excellence for open-source software development, the French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry, Thierry Breton, said Monday.

Iran seeks software support under Islamic banner

A group of Iranian firms are displaying products at Cebit under a large banner that says "Islamic Republic of Iran" with the bold green, white and red stripes of their country's flag. It's the fifth year they have come to Germany for the massive annual IT show, to promote both fledgling and established businesses.

Plagiarism wrong, piracy okay believe many university students

Many Canadian university students, who would be indignant if someone plagiarized their own work, apparently have no qualms about acquiring and using pirated software, a recent survey reveals.

SCO: IBM cannot enforce GPL

The legal war between The SCO Group Inc. and IBM Corp. took another step forward Friday, with the Utah-based software company asserting that IBM does not have the right to enforce the GNU General Public License (GPL) software license that governs the Linux operating system.

Take the long view and save money

IT managers looking to cut costs may find more than a few savable pennies hidden inside their applications

The Evolution of Education

The Canadian government and software industry leaders hope a new educational computer game will encourage more students...

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