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FISHing for storage partnerships

Sun will offer a NAS based on its virtual appliance software by the end of the year, then offer a kit for OEMs

Clever network makes complex service architecture

For the past 40 years, networking within the corporate world has evolved in sync with IT. This may or may not change in 2006, depending on whether you believe the vision of Cisco or the IT industry. Computing concepts in the IT industry have evolved over the past four decades from centralized to distributed to client-server to network-based to peer-to-peer to service-oriented.

Alibre case underscores Russia piracy issue

Russia's reputation as a haven for software pirates is being reinforced by allegations that a code thief has been illegally distributing a program called RaceCAD that is actually a product of Texas-based software company Alibre Inc.

HP and SAP deliver joint SCM solutions

The recently announced surprise marriage of Hewlett-Packard Company and Compaq Computer Corp. has not altered an earlier announced expanded relationship between HP and SAP AG, according to an HP spokesperson.

Java components speeding Web development

The market for third-party Java software components finally seems ready to ripen, promising Web commerce developers a...

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