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Will technology drive global recovery?

To recover from the recession, workers need to focus on IT solutions for business. Find out what IBM

Cloud computing: End of the corporate WAN?

Private clouds have introduced a gray area, with hybrid clouds that combine both public and corporate clouds, plus virtual private clouds. Find out how SOA comes into play

Cloud computing: Five questions to ask

Cloud computing incorporates almost every computing manifestation within the IT world: distributed, grid, utility, on-demand, open source; Web services; P2P; Web 2.0 and, last but not least, software as a service. But some definitive answers are needed to satisfy enterprise concerns

Green philosophy for SOA

Technology may never again be the driving force in the corporate decision process, but in SOA it will always be the implementation mechanism. Therefore, to correctly "green" the corporation we must "green" SOA

The ‘L’ word

Though it's been hiding in the closet for years, latency is once again becoming a technical issue to be dealt with in the new data centre. Next-generation, intelligent latency-sensitive SLAs are needed now, not in the future

Network evolution

Initially an aggressive marketing tactic to differentiate from the classic IP Router, the Services Router has recently evolved into a useful infrastructure tool to flatten over architected hierarchical IP Service Provider networks.

SOA evolution ongoing but questions remain

As the rapid adoption of service oriented architecture continues within the corporate environment, companies are realizing that implementation is not instantaneous but evolutionary.

New year’s hot topics

Looking even a year ahead into the network future can be a daunting task. For example, three years ago at the World Economic Forum

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