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Is application maintenance consuming your IT budget?

In this article, we will examine the realistic strategies that CIOs and CTOs should consider when leading their organization's initiatives to respond to these application trends and requirements.

Need a graph DBMS but don’t want one?

What should you consider as you shop for this DBaaS cloud service that’s an appealing alternative to another on-premises DBMS? Here are some tips.

Game changer emergency notification SaaS enabled by hybrid cloud

RMS solutions delivers a game changing emergency communication software. With RMS Advantage, clients send mission critical data in emergency situations and depend on the...

SaaS Analytics: Safe and Certain Reporting

Users of IBM Cognos Analytics can migrate to the cloud and leverage software-as-a-service features such as extensive and flexible user capabilities, simplified access and...

Digital transformation for channel providers:  Don’t worry, be nimble

The dramatic shift in the digital economy is creating challenges for many organizations but there’s significant potential upside for channel partners, says one industry...

Buying Criteria for Next Generation Security

Enterprises need to push for better security and focus on threats that penetrate their networks, because maintaining traditional perimeter security architectures no longer suffice. With...

Oracle CEO predicts all-cloud enterprise that will take a decade of transformation

At his OpenWorld keynote, Mark Hurd made several predictions, including one that forecasted the company’s leadership 10 years out because it has already made its on-premise apps cloud-ready

Making big data answers matter to marketing

Build a massive infrastructure, keep everything in a vacuum and begin with the easiest task. These are the three common flawed approaches that information technology...

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