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A new world of connected and autonomous heavy equipment

In a world that has hit the digital fast track, the industrial sector is looking to connected and autonomous machines to help them perform...

Just figured out cloud, mobile, and data? Well ‘Built Tech’ is your next challenge

Just when IT pros thought we had cloud, mobile, data and social figured out, we can now add built tech as the biggest challenge...

Thalmic Labs is now North; launches ‘Focals’ smart glasses and new retail space

North shows off its new Focals smart glasses

A Canadian solution to the challenge of building livable cities that work

The big challenge in the ongoing digital revolution is to create a Canadian advantage – how do we use our talent and research to...

Things to watch for in cybersecurity in 2018

The tidal wave of ransomware threats and cyberattacks battering organizations both big and small continues unabated this year. Chief security officers and CIOs who spent...

Google enters competitive smartphone market by making its own, called Pixel

The smart phone market is highly competitive with few manufacturers making money. That isn't deterring Google

BlackBerry phones outsell iPhones…in Toronto

Mobile phone buyers in Toronto help BlackBerry outshine rival Apple, but Samsung still rules North American market

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RSA Security boosts smart card security

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