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The U.S. wants to prevent China from buying advanced chip manufacturing equipment

Netherlannd-based ASML is another company caught in the tech war between China and the U.S.

Intel releases Avoton chip for cloud data centres

Chip maker Intel Corp. today released a portfolio of data centre products and technologies aimed at cloud service providers. The portfolio includes the company’s second...

Intel, Toshiba, Samsung aim to halve chip circuitry size

The three firms also plan to form a consortium of 10 companies that make products in the semiconductor or related industries

WiGig Alliance to push for fast wireless streaming

Backed by Intel and Microsoft's, the group wants to use unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum for in-room applications at 6 Gigabits per second. Interoperability testing won

IBM’s new transistor ups the ante for rival Intel

IBM Corp. has taken a large stride in its race with Intel Corp. to make faster, smaller chips by building silicon transistors from a rare combination of metals

Future PCs could run 18 billion, billion times faster

rnrnHow would you like your computer to run 18 billion, billion times faster? rnrnArna University of Utah physicist says he has taken the first step towardsrncreating a quantum computer...

Xerox trumpets the

Xerox has a particularly keen interest in electronic paper, which would use real paper with a POE backing and could be re-used and recycled with different content.

Simpler Wi-Fi security protects newbies

Broadcom Corp. is promising easy-to-use wireless security through bundled software which automatically configures settings and turns on security. The company says its new silicon should be in products this month.

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