Articles Related to sensitive information

Revealing Security Performance Metrics Across Major World Economies

How do some of the most prominent nations on the international stage differ in cybersecurity performance? What impact can this have on businesses with global...

Is your top 1% actually your weakest link?

2015 saw Barbie get hacked, “smart” homes turn against their owners and most infamously, subscribers on the Ashley Madison website had their intimate secrets...

Six everyday desk security mistakes

Your staff's desks may be one of the largest holes in a company's security plan

Year in review: The public sector and Web 2.0

Social networking technologies were on governments' radar in 2008. Plus privacy, security, and the strange case of the jailed network admininstrator

U.K. Ministry of Defence loses secret, restricted files

MoD admits to 658 stolen laptops, 747 lost laptops and 121 missing memory sticks since 2004.

Flunking the password test

In a recent survey, one in three IT administrators said that they or one of their colleagues have used top-level admin passwords to pry into confidential or sensitive information at their workplace.

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