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RSA 2012: Stress and burnout in infosec careers

IT security professionals are experiencing extreme levels of pressure and anxiety, but they have few places to turn for help

Three reasons VoIP abuse will grow

Vishing scams and SPIT to collect personal information are ways criminals are taking advantage of VoIP, say Cisco officials

Four skills CISOs need now

Today's chief information security officers will need to build a comprehensive skills matrix that places them on the same level as other senior executives. How to get started

What it’s like to steal someone’s identity

Starting with just an e-mail address, a pen tester manages to get the goods on a high-net-worth executive in less than a day

Report: Today’s workers value social media, ‘Net over pay

In a survey by Clearswift Ltd., 79 per cent of respondents said the most important thing in their job is being trusted to manage their own time. One in five workers surveyed said they would turn down a job offer if they were not allowed to access social networking Internet sites from their work computer.

MySQL developers release 5.5 beta

The first public iteration of what will be the next version of the open source database includes replication and improved partitioning. The beta is unveiled under a new release model which should lead to more stable and frequent updates.

Employee Christmas shopping spree strains IT security

The average employee spends 14.4 hours of online shopping in the workplace over a span of two days and the trend is causing security nightmares, according to a recent survey

Employers now hate Twitter, Facebook – Survey

Companies are increasingly blocking social networking sites, according to Web security provider ScanSafe...

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