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Hashtag Trending Jun.21-Over 100,00 ChatGPT accounts on sale on the dark web; Employees believe companies are slow to adopt new technologies; Are we finally...

Over 100,000 ChatGPT accounts found for sale on the dark web, Employees claim companies are too slow to adopt new technologies and yes, finally,...

Canadian government announces $240 million investment in semiconductor and photonics industries

Canada's semiconductor industry received a boost this week as the Honourable François‑Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced the Semiconductor Challenge Callout,...

Big Blue rethinks its future

CEO Virginia Rometty wants the company to move faster than ever, without losing its cool

IBM to use Nvidia Tesla GPUs on Power servers

IBM Corp. said it will be using the Tesla graphic processing unit (GPU) chips made by Nvidia Corp in its Power System servers starting...

Price of DRAM plunges to all-time low of around $1

PC makers could put more memory into products, or use the price drop to counter rising price of hard disks, say industry analysts

DRAM oversupply adds salt to wounded market

Suppliers are suffering from a lack of worldwide demand, new applications needing less memory and operating systems that don't need as much DRAM as previous versionsrn

McGill part of team to create tiny circuit

Canadian researchers are in a group that have built a circuit with two wires separated by the distance of 150 atoms. If practical, it could lead to smaller mobile devices

Spectrum clash around bionic implants

Broadcast engineers in the the U.S. are opposing the protection of radio frequencies for wireless medical devices for disabled persons

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