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Fighting the next security war

Virtualization is a tremendous benefit to organziations. But they shouldn't apply old security theories to this new world

News tools link physical and logical control systems

Novell and Honeywell are planning to announce the fruits of a project to link physical and logical access products from the two companies offering government agencies and large enterprises a way to tie building and network access privileges together seamlessly.

One threat contained — on to the next

While old stalwart security threats of worms and viruses are becoming a thing of the past, threats such as mobile viruses and router worms

Hackers exploit new PowerPoint bug

One day after patching a widely exploited flaw in its Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft Corp. has a new bug to worry about, this time in PowerPoint.

Sasser worm expected to hit hard

A new series of worms released onto the Internet exploits a critical security vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP and Windows 2000 OSes and does not need users to open e-mail attachments in order to propagate, experts said Saturday.

Hackers try to convince world new tool is legit

At the Defcon hacker convention earlier this month in flood-ravaged Las Vegas, 19 members of the Cult of the Dead Cow hacker group cavorted on stage to officially launch Back Orifice 2000, their latest software tool for taking control of Windows-based corporate networks.

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