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Martin Plaehn, CEO of Utah-based startup Bungee Labs, sees opportunity where others see barriers in and around Web 2.0.

Microsoft, Novell say alliance will help Linux in the enterprise

Executives from Microsoft and Novell defended their controversial business agreement to collaborate and promote integration between Windows and Novell's SUSE Linux operating systems on Wednesday, saying that Microsoft's sales organization is now the biggest channel for SUSE Linux and that the deal will help, not hurt the prospects of Linux in the enterprise.

Bungee jumping into rich application development

Today's Web developers who want to create rich Internet applications (or RIA, in the parlance of the community) are hampered by countless obstacles

News tools link physical and logical control systems

Novell and Honeywell are planning to announce the fruits of a project to link physical and logical access products from the two companies offering government agencies and large enterprises a way to tie building and network access privileges together seamlessly.

IT gets new arsenal to fight data threats

On the heels of the TJX and CIBC security breaches, a crop of new products may finally give IT some weapons to address threats posed to the enterprise network.

NAC vulnerable to attack, warn security experts

Network access control technology has been promoted as the saviour of beleaguered enterprise networks, but enterprise IT managers who are hanging their hat on client health screening should think again, according to security expert Ofir Arkin of Insightix.

Flashline buy will boost BEA asset management

BEA Systems Inc. said it was buying metadata repository vendor Flashline Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio, for an undisclosed sum. Flashline brings a set of capabilities that will allow BEA to bring assets together not just at the service interface, but also the policies critical to managing those assets.

Entrust buys fraud detection tech firm

Digital identity vendor Entrust said on Thursday that it is acquiring Business Signatures, a maker of fraud detection technology, for around US$50 million in cash.

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