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Conficker flaw identifies infected PCs

Researchers discover that infected PCs react strangely when hit with specially crafted Remote Procedure Call messages. WITH VIDEO

Attack code for critical Microsoft bug surfaces

It took only two hours for security vendor Immunity to develop an attack code that exploits the Windows flaw

Storm worm continues to rage via rootkit

Spam messages attempting to dupe users into installing the bot-making Trojan now include links or Prepare your users for the latest attack

Second Google Desktop vulnerability found

Google Inc.'s PC search software is vulnerable to a variation on a little-known Web-based attack called anti-DNS (Domain Name System) pinning, that could give an attacker access to any data indexed by Google Desktop, security researchers said this week.

National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada

While malicious software that exploits an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system is by now the most widely reported threat on the Internet, Microsoft continues to urge customers to wait another week for its official security update.

Security vendors enter vulnerability bidding war

As security personnel met at this week's Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, there was easy money to be made at the security vulnerability table. TippingPoint, 3Com's security division, announced it plans to reward security researchers and hackers who reveal information on newly discovered vulnerabilities as part of its Zero Day Initiative. TippingPoint will pay as much as US$2,000 for a verified vulnerability. iDefense, a security intelligence firm recently acquired by VeriSign, has raised the stakes, saying it will increase its payments for information on vulnerabilities.

Microsoft revamps security hole approach

Microsoft has a new security service that will provide an immediate response when researchers publicize unpatched vulnerabilities. The pilot program run by the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) and called simply Microsoft Security Advisories, complements the monthly scheduled Security Bulletins ordinarily accompanied by patches.

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