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All Internet Explorer versions caught the bug, says Microsoft

The unpatched bug in Internet Explorer 7exists in older versions of the browser, including the still-widely-used IE6

Websense advises IT managers to think like criminals

The hacker community is becoming much better organized and often its goal is to find sensitive data without prospective targets discovering there was a security breach. How to protect yourself

Hacked – while you sip your Java

It's already been blamed for the massive breach of customer information at TJX, but now a researcher is offering an in-depth look at how hackers can compromise machines still using the Wired Equivalent Privacy standard

IIS twice as likely malware host, according to Google research

Web sites running Microsoft Corp.’s Web server software are twice as likely to be hosting malicious code as other Web sites, according to research...

Hackers exploit another unpatched IE bug

The SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center set its Internet danger warning level to "yellow" over the weekend as criminal gangs began targeting Internet Explorer browsers with an unpatched security hole.

Fatal flaw puts Xerox printers at risk

Xerox Corp. is scrambling to update a security patch following the disclosure of a major security flaw in its WorkCenter multifunction printers.

Microsoft patches Passport

Microsoft Corp. patched a hole in its .Net Passport identity management service earlier this week after a security researcher disclosed a potentially serious flaw that could enable attackers to hijack Passport accounts.

MS creates new group to clean its coding act

Microsoft Corp. is expanding its security business unit with a group that will establish new software development processes and create tools for its programmers so that future Microsoft products will have fewer security flaws, a Microsoft executive said earlier this month.

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