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5 common misconceptions about security in startups

Exploring five of the most common misconceptions about security, along with a reality check to reset your company’s security mindset

Expert: Techies should enter, influence government

They should help public officials navigate the 'cluelessness scale,' FTC technologist says

Conficker’s first scam

Using one of the oldest tricks in the book, Conficker C downloads a fake antivirus program called Spyware Protect 2009 and hits victims for $49.95 a pop

Rock Phish ‘most active’ phishing group

Nobody knows exactly who, or what, Rock Phish is. But security experts estimate that Rock Phish is responsible for between one-third and one-half of all phishing messages being sent out on any given day.

Electronic voting has lots of problems, critics say

E-voting machines remain vulnerable to attacks from people trying to steal elections and to glitches that incorrectly count votes, critics say as the U.S. prepares for Tuesday elections.

Germany to make hacking a crime

New legislation proposed by the German government aims to make computer hacking a punishable crime. The draft law, announced Wednesday, defines hacking as penetrating a computer security system and gaining access to secure data, without necessarily stealing data.

Security vendor patches fatal IE flaw

With Microsoft Corp. saying that it may wait until April 11 to patch a critical vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser, security vendor eEye Digital Security Inc. has released what it calls a "temporary" patch to address the problem.

Security’s inseparable couple

The most familiar names in network security are neither vendors nor geeks: Try Alice and Bob. Since Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Len Adleman - the R, S and A in RSA Security Inc. - introduced Alice and Bob in their seminal public-key cryptosystem paper in 1978, the couple has become the subject of countless security-related papers, test questions, speeches and even, ahem, jokes.

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